Take time to LAUGH…..its the music of your soul

Take time to THINK….its the source of power

Take time to READ….its the fountain of wisdom

Take time to be FRIENDLY…..its the road to happiness

Take time to GIVE…..its too short a day to be selfish

Take time to WORK…..its the price of success

Take time to do CHARITY….its the key to gratefulness 

Take time to PLAY…..its the secret of perpetual youth


TAKE time to be LOVED and be LOVED….its a privilege!


No need to worry about anýthing….whether be the key to your lifes many passionate desires or your long awaited dreams. 

The destined plan that the powers that be have for you will unfold at exactly the right time and most importantly  when your in the perfect place to recieve it. You only have to never give up on what makes your heart feel elated. 

If your heart sings when  you think of something, then keep on keeping on working towards that aspiration. Should you heart sink then step back and let that door close, trust that a new door will present itself in the right moment. 


Loved reading all those celtic/Irish trilogy novels over the years, based on the stories of the pre christian and post christian Irish traveling harpists who were often blind. It put a fire in my belly to want to play one day, the emotion that rises up for me is to say the least exhilarating!

I absolutely know I mustve been from that time as its SIMPLY imbedded deep in my soul to have to connect with my harp daily. I cart her around like shes a part I of me, choosing to only learn the old Irish harp celtic tunes. Takes years to fine tune a song…have about an hour  now of music I can play.

Bring back the harp, its been revived in USA and the India are now making them available in your country on line cheap, $400 up for a baby celtic harp. After a turbulent history of all harps  being burned and all ancient  music destroyed with only 200 traditional Irish remaining,  its slowy being given the energy it deserves other then being only seen or heard in classical orchestras and  halls. 


Finally our new website is up and running, a huge project thats been on the to do list for 10 years, but just couldn’t  find the right webmaster that understood what i wanted.  A huge heartfelt thank you to Sandra at ‘The Word on Business’ company who is renouned for their expertise in creating websites tailored to your business. A true professional who is passionate about assuring you get the site excatly to your vision.

We at Gypsy Rose Australia  are now  totally  on line  with a  interactive shopfront  across all platforms and catering for orders all over the world except China and India as they have their own #gypsyrose websites via http://www.ganbeiglobal.com. Here comes 2017, with the old site now redirecting to the new and new doors opening on all levels !

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Billboards are are a great way to get your brand out there,  they usually arent a way  to attract more sales but her at Scissorcraft we have!  I think it depends on the message the billboard is getting across and if its a major concern to consumers. Bieng a common issue that hasn’t really yet been  solved by other brands in that market!


  • Trickory,  magic ? many many ways to make money just sitting on a sidewalk, or like here floating in a parkland.
  • How do you think he is levitating so high ?
  • With nothing between him and this earth but his hand on the pole?
  • He can stand and then rise again?
  • He can shake your hand with spare hand and give you a fortune cookie out of his bag hanging on the pole!
  • Life is truly surprisingly always full of new ideas!
  • Trick is to never think EVERYTHING HAS BEEN THOUGHT OF!